USB Extender Extension Cord USB Extender Extension Cord USB Extender Extension Cord USB Extender Extension Cord USB Extender Extension Cord

USB Extender Extension Cord

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Product Description

USB Extender Extension Cord

One can never have too many USB cables, but apparently, they can and this makes the USB extender cord practically a necessity. Each gadget today for all intents and purposes works by using a USB cable. So, increase and extend your USB ports utilizing the USB extender power cord. With this USB port extender, you’ll have every one of your gadgets connected directly to your PC without running out of ports. Just by using one USB port on your PC, you can connect about four other devices using this extender.

Protects your Computer

Aside from the convenience it brings, the extender cord also protects your computer by preserving your USB ports from damage. This device encourages you to use just one USB port on your laptop or PC. This prevents damage on all ports which might prove difficult and disadvantageous in the future. The USB hub is ideal for consoles, mouse, card readers, USB drives, printers, speakers, cameras, mobile phones, PC coolers, and more. Ideal for individuals who possess a lot of electronic gadgets. You can simultaneously connect four devices to your PC without making too much fuss. Fast and responsive, the USB hub can transmit data to up to 480Mpbs. This guarantees not only comfort but also efficiency and effectiveness.

Perfectly Compatible

The USB extender is consummately perfect with most PC working frameworks. It is perfectly compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and up. It is also compatible with Mac operating systems of 9.1 or higher. Made from aluminum alloy with a sleek silver finish, the hub functions mainly as a data transmitter and it should not be used for charging. It includes four open USB ports for other devices. The device measures approximately 8.8cm in length, and 3.9cm in width. As an additional feature, the device can also function as a mini night light because it instantly lights up when attached to the computer.