Lanyard Mobile ID Neck Strap Lanyard Mobile ID Neck Strap Lanyard Mobile ID Neck Strap Lanyard Mobile ID Neck Strap Lanyard Mobile ID Neck Strap

Lanyard Mobile ID Neck Strap

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Product Description

Lanyard Mobile ID Neck Strap

Turn your office ID or school id into something more fashionable and cuter with this lanyard. Most lanyards are dull-looking and seem to look so formal like they are all uniform. This one will be a great gift to your child or friends who are going to school. They can attach their IDs to this so you can wear it all the time. This will definitely motivate them in doing good at school. If you wish to replace your broken ID strap then, this will be a great replacement. More so, it’s going to be a lot better than the one you previously use. This way, you can wear your ID fashionably and you can become a trendsetter in your school. The same goes for those working adults that have an office ID that needs one of these. Make sure you don’t lose them when you have this.

Soft and Stylish Strap

Unlike other lanyards that have rough and irritating straps. This one uses a soft material that is nice against the skin. So, you can avoid irritating the back of your neck when you wear this. More so, you will be able to focus more on the things you need to do because you won’t spend a lot of time scratching your neck. The strap also has beautiful designs that make it even better. You can channel your feminine side with its floral designs just for you. Consequently, it will look like it is part of your outfit when even though it is actually not.

Versatile Use

You can use this lanyard aside from hanging your ID. Use this as well for your keys so to make sure you always know where they are. This is also great for your mobile phones so your phone will just hang around your neck.